CPTM Designation

The Certified Professional Turf Manager (CPTM) designation recognizes a level of achievement in professional turfgrass management inTexas beyond a Bachelor of Science degree or a long tenure in the industry. The CPTM designation is a mark of distinction. Professionals who acquire the CPTM designation benefit the turfgrass industry and themselves through increased self-esteem and respect, increased value and service to their employer and increased competitiveness in the job market. By acquiring the CPTM designation, the professional turf manager sets himself or herself apart from other turf managers. For applicants to be considered for the CPTM designation and to maintain that designation they must provide documented evidence of turf management skills, participation in continuing education programs and successful employment in the turfgrass industry. Applicants for the CPTM designation are also required to satisfactorily complete a comprehensive written examination. An intensive 4-day training program in preparation for the examination is optional.

To raise and maintain the professional standards of those employed in the turfgrass industry in Texas;
To provide effective continuing education programs for professional turfgrass managers;
To award special recognition to professional turfgrass managers who demonstrate a high level of accomplishment and skill;
To encourage professional turf managers to become active participants in the Texas Turfgrass Association

Professional turfgrass managers meeting the following qualifications are eligible to apply for the Certified Professional Turf Manager designation. Applications and fees must be submitted to the Executive Director of the Texas Turfgrass Association 30 days prior to the examination dates.

Applicant must be currently employed in the turfgrass industry on a full-time basis;
2. Applicant must have a B.S. degree in agronomy, horticulture or related field plus 2 or more years experience on a full-time basis;
Applicant employed 5 years on a full-time experience in professional turfgrass management field;
3. Applicant must provide 3 references to include at least one member of TTA and a former or present employer.

The CPTM program is administered by a three-member Certification Board appointed by the President of the Texas Turfgrass Association. Certification Board members serve a three-year term. Vacancies are appoined by the President of TTA with approval of the Board.

One 2-day intensive training program in turf management will be offered at the summer meeting. One 2-day intensive training in business management will be offered at the annual conference. The deadline for registering for the training program is 30 days prior to the first day of training. The training program will cover all aspects of turf management and will be separated into the following sections for testing purposes:

  • The Turfgrasses
  • Cultural Practices (irrigation)
  • Weed Management
  • Pest Management
  • Personnel Management
  • Financial Management

A certification examination will be offered annually at the conclusion of each training program. To earn the CPTM designation the applicant must meet all of the qualifications listed above and make a grade of 70% or above on each section of the certification examination.

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